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With the continuous development of new things in the express industry and the expansion of the scale of intelligent express cabinet operators, due to the weak technical barriers of upstream enterprises and numerous manufacturers, the bargaining power of enterprises will be enhanced, the operating costs of enterprises will be reduced and their advantages will be further strengthened.Baiwei Express Express Cabinet creates a convenient and quick operation system for the online mobile terminal and screen terminal. It provides the Courier with the function of collecting and delivering items, and provides the user with the function of sending and picking up items. Mobile APP and public account can be used, which brings great convenience to the express industry.


Subversion of the traditional site for your user access experience to make every effort to simplify the operation process, so that the data at a glance, real-time view of operational information.

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The delivery APP, which is designed for couriers, supports the functions of delivery and order checking, and can grasp the delivery situation at any time. It is a bridge between couriers and users



The Delivery Process
Scan QR Code Select The Box Type Information Entry In The Delivery Closed The Door
Express out
Scan QR Code Enter the pick-up code Take out the Courier Closed The Door



The Cloud Control

Remote cloud control security, convenient real-time view of the background data

Fee Customization

Independent charging, convenient and safe to meet different scenes, to create a safe environment

Order Store

Remote appointment, follow one's will to ensure safety, save time

Choose your own size box

Easy to operate, safe and intelligent can be according to the size of the express, the size of the box