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Intelligent power change cabinet is a quick battery change product for riders, outsource delivery guys, express guys and other battery car users. It can help these users quickly complete the battery change of battery car


BMS Management

It has an intelligent management system to protect the battery safety.

Battery Maintenance

Provide consent to battery maintenance and maintenance functions without worrying about battery damage

NFC Transmission

The use of NFC transmission function, enhance the safety of the battery to make the transmission of lithium battery more intelligent

GPRS Communication

Support battery positioning, remote car lock and other functions can understand the battery status in real time


quick and convenient

One key to change the electricity, choose the package, model

Be clear at a glance

Locate Function

Using GPS positioning function, can view the nearby change

Electric point, arrive according to map

Record Traceability

You can view data such as electricity changing record and recharge record


Click in the electric

Use the two-dimensional code train applet to click the power change, power change operation

Put in old batteries

Put a dead battery into an empty container that pops open and charge it

Take out the new battery

The new battery that automatically distributes power is removed for easy replacement

To use

Put the charged battery into the battery compartment for use


Differentiation Development

With the change of electric vehicle market from incremental to inventory, electric changing system not only has a huge potential market, but also promotes the differentiated development

Industrial Competitiveness

It solves the traffic travel problems in different dimensions in the electric vehicle market, builds an ecosystem for people to travel, and enhances the competitiveness of the industry

Resources Integration

The problems of short life and poor safety of traditional lead-acid batteries are solved, and the high single purchase cost of intelligent lithium batteries is effectively dispersed