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It is suitable for all kinds of operating rooms to carry out real-time, efficient and whole-process traceability management of consumables. By optimizing the process of consumables management, it comprehensively improves the automation and informatization level of consumables usage record, inventory supervision, procurement and supply, etc., and realizes consumables refinement, refinement and standardization.

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Inventory Backlog

The uncertainty of the demand for medical consumption products leads to extensive warehouse management and easy to cause the phenomenon of "grey" inventory

Information Not Fluency

The communication between the hospital and the supplier is not smooth, and there are mistakes in the trading link in the first day, resulting in information asymmetry and other problems

Medical Records Hard Find

Because the recording method is mostly manual bookkeeping, paper bookkeeping and other traditional recording methods, easy to cause omissions or too many records

Excessive Labor Cost

Medical consumption purchase process is complex, cumbersome links, easy to consume a lot of manpower, time


Various cabinet structures are freely combined to meet the storage requirements 01
Valuable consumables can be tracked through batch number records, and medical 02
System automatic inventory, to ensure that the consumables have a deadline, overdue 03
Streamlining administrative costs and eliminating the need for medical 04


Inventory Management

  • ●   Medical consumption products intelligent storage
  • ●   Timely check inventory quantity to avoid inventory backlog

Operation Convenient

  • ●   Use ERP system to place self-service orders
  • ●   Use IC card technology to open the door

Item Identification

  • ●    RFID identification tag universal scanning medical consumption products
  • ●   Full tracking of medical consumption product status

Digital Management

  • ●   Support data display of incoming, outgoing, flow, accounts and other records
  • ●   Easy to track back the source of accounts, background data at a glance


Selective Access Mode

Access function can be realized by fingerprint, card swiping and mobile terminal software

Open Access

The cabinet door is divided into hanging type, drawer type, etc., the choice of type of door access, can be customized according to different needs of the cabinet

Access to Complete

After the access is completed, the door of the cabinet is closed, and the system automatically identifies the items in the cabinet and records them through FRID technology


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