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Smart selling the ark supports a variety of payment, the background and the front-end real-time record operation, no one to sell, the administrator can in the mobile terminal, the door is a key to clear the door is to keep state, real-time view state of cabinet put oneself in another's goods, timely replenishment management, to provide users with buying entrance, on a mobile phone online purchase, in a timely manner to get the items they want, the whole process is quick and convenient operation, good saves time more to protect personal privacy.


Sweep Code Take Goods Close Door


Small program customization, background operation and maintenance,
screen end operation, management visualization, One-button manage-
ment of goods off and off the shelf, user purchase provides screen terminal,
mobile terminal multi-terminal operation

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Retail Goods Industry

Application For The Solution

Achieve retail store agile operation

Leveraging cash technology to drive the development of new retail and consumer stores to meet today's ever-increasing digital expectations of consumers

AI to transform the retail customer experience

With the application of human customer service, we provide customized marketing consulting and commodity services for consumers and create intelligent retail customer experience

Reshaping the retail and consumer supply chains

Minimize the impact of global and local time on the supply chain through a dynamic retail supply chain


24-hour Sale

Unattended, artificial intelligence, continuous operation

Rich Application Scenarios

Applicable to many application scenarios, shopping malls, office buildings, residential areas

Refuse the FRID Label

Eliminate FRID tags and add no cost to sales

Easy Profits

Single store Jupiter optimal, low cost, rapid return to the model can be duplicated

Multi-category Combination Sales

Support to identify 80% of the retail categories of thousands of products, products can be flexible mix and match sales

Intelligent Operation System

Support PC, mobile terminal operation management, anytime and anywhere to check the operation situation, intelligent replenishment


Commodity Retailing

Through continuous operation, continuously improve the repurchase rate and sales flow, improve evaluation

Cash the Flow

Mobile phone users consumption data, refined data, and constantly improve the flow conversion rate and user stickiness

Goods Channels

Through the ever-expanding equipment network, we will build offline sales and circulation channels, put goods on shelves

Advertising Revenue

Full display of upstream suppliers' brands, new product release, brand joint promotion