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Ark of archives management unit is mainly used in courts and other organs, the system of circulation of material evidence to realize routing management, clear the administrator can query to the details of the physical evidence and process, also has the period prescribed by the actual effect after using the books automatic remind, effective prevention and control of the leakage due to negligence, fault, did not return, and so on and so forth.



This system realizes process management for circulation without certificate, so that managers can clearly inquire the detailed content


It can realize the procedural and standardized process of material evidence/file circulation, and guarantee the security


After using the file, the function of automatic reminder can be set within the specified period to remind the working efficiency


Automatic saving management

Real-time monitoring cabinet, file quantity can be tracked, reduce errors caused by manual saving

Intelligent and efficient

Not only can you collect information without touching the file, but you can also process multiple files at once through FRID technology

FRID labels have large capacity

Each document is affixed with FRID label, which can be detected by FRID induction in the box. The large capacity ensures the service life

Efficient Operation

FRID reads are not limited by the size of file/item references and can operate efficiently over long hours

Excellent Security

The file access has the background data record, prevents the file to lose, guarantees the file security

Abnormal Alarm

The system will automatically alarm when the network is cut off, the door of the cabinet is not closed over time, the goods are lost abnormally, and the door is opened abnormally



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