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Efficient Management

The property active service management mode improves the management efficiency and constructs the intelligent property service ecology

Service Control

The digital intelligent management breaks the traditional mode, realizes the data visualization, the omni-directional, the hierarchical role multi-terminal management

Behavior Controls

To simplify the community credit system by binding the owner's information with credit points

Flexible Access

The system has strong compatibility and supports two modes of personalized customization and flexible access to existing applications

—————————————————    APPLICABLE SCENE    ——————————————————

Through terminal control, cloud communication services can be realized, self-owned applications can be established, device interaction can be realized, hardware control can be easily completed, video monitoring scheme can be provided, and automatic control can be fully realized

Cloud Communication Service

Through its own agreement, the establishment of independent cloud communication services

Own Application

You can choose the public number, small program, APP, Web and other own applications

Equipment Interaction

Interactive process can be realized through screen end, mobile phone end and so on

Hardware Control

With lock control, BMS detection, charging control, light control and other hardware equipment

Video Surveillance

Through the 4G router, through the mobile terminal to achieve remote patrol


Build all the network infrastructure and software needed for enterprise informatization

SaaS service platform based on market resources and technical advantages, with online intelligent application system and line equipment supply and operational service management system, to provide one-stop solution for small and medium enterprises, industries gradually cover more intelligence, support for multiple scenarios service free combination, standing in the intelligence community service system to promote the development of property management point of view, intelligent tank as the carrier, to provide more convenient service system.

The platform provides a variety of application system access services such as APP, small program and public account, which establishes a powerful control hub for the product and enables remote control of intelligent products easily.After five iterations of innovation, the latest communication terminal module-5.0.


Leakage Protector

Connected in the circuit, play a protective role, leakage or over current automatically disconnect the power supply for protection

4G Antenna

Used on a screen to receive signals

Power Line

Power supply to the screen, quality is guaranteed, not easy aging

One Meter Level Wiring

The locking plate is connected with the locking plate, and the power supply and communication are cascade

1.8m Signal Line

Connect the lock plate 485 communication interface

The 220v Power supply

Power supply to the lock plate, the use of hollow and aluminum combined to protect from high temperature

24-channel circuit board with light

Control box door switch, support control box door light, disinfection and other operations

Screen circuit board

Remote update screen, hardware with self - diagnosis, logging functions


Second Level To Identify

1S realize face registration and unlocking

Accurate And Reliable

Accurate recognition of complex light scenes under indoor, outdoor, green and dark light with 99.9% or more reliability

Effective Safety

Supports offline infrared in vivo detection, offline RGD in vivo detection

A Stable Low Energy

Take 1 main cabinet and 8 auxiliary cabinets as an example, the power consumption of 7*24 hours is less than 2 kWh



Mobile Terminal Application Services

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Mobile Terminal Application Services

Wechat Service

WeChat Enterprise


Applet Of WeChat


Remote Communication Control Services

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Remote Communication Control Services

Third Party Integration

API Interface


Terminal System Control

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Terminal System Control

The RFID Test

A Touch Screen Application

USB Recognition

BMS Access

Charge Management


Type And Size Of Cabinet

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Type And Size Of Cabinet


Delivery Locker

File Cabinet

Wine Ark

Charging Locker