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Best for smart store content ark use WeChat the realization of the public, free storage, explore a kind of stakeholders win-win solution, can be used in a variety of scenarios, department stores, supermarkets, bars, station, etc., according to the required each scenario, provide customized services, and the integration of environmental scenarios, achieve beautiful, fast, and other functions, provide a wide range of convenience for the life, nothing interests too much operation, realize the win-win situation.

Create An Easy Storage Experience

Based on the WeChat public notarization number, we can say goodbye to paper vouchers and manual password input WeChatB1 monitors it 24 hours a day and stores it anytime and anywhere easily

Scan code to pay attention to the public number

Unlock your cloud storage in your palm

The message log is updated in real time

Hosting records front-end and back-end real-time records

According to the size of the items can be selected from the small box

On-demand access

Custom billing

Background setting custom billing


Face Recognition Storage

Accurate face algorithm, accurate recognition of more than 30,000 structural reflection features, support cross-dressing recognition, dark recognition iPone-level unlocking speed

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WeChat Scan Code Storage

Smart Swipe Card Storage

Face Recognition Storage

Fingerprint Storage


Aquatic Sport

Water park、Beach、 Rafting、 Swimming pool、 Bath center

Have Fun Pastime

Large Bars、 Electric Syllables、 Night Clubs、Discos

Leisure Shopping

Shopping Malls、 Supermarkets、Cinemas、Theatres、etc

Scenic park

Municipal Parks、 Dcenic Spots、Amusement Places、 Water Parks

Transportation Junction

Airport、High-speed Rail、 Subway、Docks

Public Place

Office Building、 Hotel、 Restaurant、 Incubator

Place for Children

Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds

Professional Service Places

Hospitals、 Schools、 Libraries、 Gyms


Innovation leads, change life

Core Technology

Self-established research and development center, independent design of
software and hardware, strict quality control

Internet of Things+

Value-added functions, such as storage cabinet + charger cabinet, can meet
more needs

Mobile Internet

Mobile phone WeChat operation payment, each intelligent terminal links to
tell the network