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Smart take cupboard to follow the direction of the contactless, clean, convenient and quick, make each meal can be independent heating, sterilization, the user can convenient edible, in the case of user inconvenience take food to provide convenient, screen end may go into the background management system, real-time management meal situation, mobile terminal access with screen can operate at the same time, save the access time, have the user order, business orders, delivery member access meal three supporting small programs, the whole operation process to be more perfect


convenient and swift

Mobile ordering, using the counter as the media, supports multiple people to take food at the same time, avoiding queuing during peak hours

Energy Saving Settings

Independent plate, independent heating, automatic return to normal temperature after taking out the food, front-end, backstage can be heating

Provide multi-terminal system

Ordering small program, independent background, access small program, independent screen terminal multi-terminal system, through the entire operation process

Safe green

It can disinfect and clean the food grid regularly to realize non-contact food delivery, protect the privacy of users and food safety



Independent background, self-management of merchants, operation points, dishes and other functional information, background upload, immediately updated, simplify the operation process, so that customers operate more convenient, front-end, back-end, screen end one-stop service


phone order

The mobile platform has the functions of ordering, payme-nt, ordering, food prepar-ation to the cabinet, reminding to take food and so on

Restaurant equipment eat

Restaurants receive orders from customers through mobile platforms and can quickly prepare meals

Delivery into the cabinet

The deliveryman takes the food and puts it into the cabinet, informs the user and selects the temperature setting

The user takes out the food

Users receive the notification and use their mobile phones to scan or input the order code to retrieve the food